DIFFA's grant making tradition has been to support start up or emerging programs and ideas that reflect a unique or innovative approach to a problem. DIFFA also seeks proposals that include appropriate and strategic collaboration among agencies. We continue to seek requests where public support and other philanthropy (including an organization's own fund raising capacity) is not otherwise available and where DIFFA funds can be appropriately positioned to expand and diversify the funding efforts of an organization.


Community-based organizations with a 501(c) 3 providing direct service, preventive education, and outreach to people who are HIV positive, living with AIDS or at-risk of infection are eligible.


The Foundation issues grants annually. In some cases, a special grant may be awarded during the year to meet specific funder, community or emergency needs. Grants fall under two categories: Chapter Grants and Foundation Grants. In both instances, DIFFA does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Invitations are sent out in the fall of each year to apply. Grants are then approved by the Foundation’s trustees at their January Board meeting.

2015-2016 Impact of DIFFA/Chicago Funding



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